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the first days of school you didnt want to wear anything new anymore.… - Middle School was awesome. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 1st, 2004|01:02 pm]
[mood |cynicalcynical]

the first days of school you didnt want to wear anything new anymore. it had to be "worn-in" even if it was officially the first time anyone at school had seen you with it, but i think this was just me. Or did you do the same?
maybe it's that those 3 years, for some 2, were they dicide to seperate you from the rest, From the "kids" and the "teenagers," were you were you but not really yet, and not really anymore what you used to be, were "the days" things were inocent and new. not old and jaded, altough, we always pretended they were. like the pants i wore only once before so i didnt called them new cus i wore them for my cousin's party; therefore they were now old but worthy enogh for that first day... of school.
so i grew into those pants and when the whole "vintage" look came in in high-school they were new again and i wore them with a t-shirt i paid $30 bucks for because it was the oldest looking one, or even better with your old elementary school shirt, or was that just me too?
i want to be excited about something like that again. and not a pair of jeans cus thats really just a metaphor for everything else that happend those years. like that boy you had that crush on that didn't pay attention to you intill high-school and by then you were like "yup im to good for you." but really you were excited all over again. and secretly hoped he would try harder maybe as hard as you did when you glossed your lips just to ask him for a pencil. cus now he was that really washed out "vintage" pair of jeans and your not supposed to want them just wear them, casually.
Casually.... damn that word cus thats what everything has becomed, casual. what happend to the inocent we used to try to hide? i'd reather have that back, just like i would like to still fit into those jeans.. hehehe...